Pardis (Paris) Miri
University of California, Santa Cruz
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Masters @ UC, San Diego

Previously, I was a Master’s student at the department of Computer Science, University of California, San Diego, working with Professor Keith Marzullo and Professor Amin Vahdat. Words fail to express my indebtedness to both of them. Their support in times of trouble and their unwavering belief in my potential as a researcher, has always been a motive for me to live up to their expectations.

My M.S. focus was on datacenter networking and my M.S. thesis topic was "Miswirings Diagnosis, Detection and Recovery in Data Centers". 


PhD @UC, Santa Cruz

Currently, I am a Computer Science PhD student at UC, Santa Cruz doing research in an interdisciplinary area of Human Commuter Interaction under supervision of Professor  Katherine Isbister (main advisor), Professor Professor James Gross (co-advisor) , Professor  Douglas Bonnet, and Professor Dimitris Achlioptas . My research interest focuses on improving emotion regulation via technology affordances (in particular haptics); design, implementation, and compatibility improvement of technology to facilitate intrinsic (self) and extrinsic (others) emotion regulation.  

Recently, after a six-month Internship at Intel Labs, my work received substantial attention and Intel funded my project. 




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