How to Prepare for Advancement

These are my notes based on Scott Klemmer’s informative post on advancement:

  • Plan your advancement date 2 months in advance, as you need to have the entire committee be present.
    • Scheduling into an existing group meeting is ideal.
  • Spend time with other faculties in your committee.
  • Your Title title must be broadest accurate description of your (intended) contribution.
    • Then give us a worked example.
  • What are your measures? Have at least one slide titled ‘measures’.
    • methods, measures, results, discussion
  • What feedback are you seeking from us and where are you headed after graduation? Because the direction that you are headed at may change what you should do (startup vs. academia cultures)
  • Print out your slides and provide to the audience on the presentation day.
  • Your advisor is generally a good person to ask to take notes during your advancement (not you).
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